365 Photos – 9th May 2011 to 8th May 2012 (and beyond)

On the 9th May 2011 I decided to start a 365 project – that is taking a photograph every day for a year. On the 8th May 2012 I finished my first year, and thought – “why stop now?”. You can read more about how and why my project started in my post on 10 May 2011 – “365”. During my first 365, I posted all my photos to 365project.org, which is an amazing site, and I highly recommend you have a look, and sign up (it’s free!) if you are considering doing a 365 project.

In October 2013, after nearly two and a half years, I realised that maintaining a photo every day is starting to feel more like work than fun, and taking up time I needed to spend on other things. I am still posting photos regularly, just not every day, and if I take more than one photo a day I spread these out across several dates. I think that it retains a loose philosophical link to the original project though! Anyway, you can read a bit more about this decision here in more post on 3 October 2013 – “365 – The end”.

My photos are all posted to photo.eutony.net/365 (this link also appears on the left sidebar, as “365 Photos”). The most recent photo is always shown on the eutony.net homepage, and the latest 10 are always shown below (with click-throughs for larger versions).