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At this time of year we do a lot of remembering. We remember those who have gone before in the faith at All Saints and All Souls, we remember the Bonfire Plot, and of course – yesterday and today – we particularly remember those who gave their lives in the Great Wars. This year we […]

If you attended a Christian Union (or equivalent) as a schoolchild or student, you will already be familiar with the concept – if not always the practice – of “Quiet Times”. What is it? For those who aren’t familiar, the “Quiet Time” is a (ideally) daily exercise of taking some time out, and spending it […]

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” – 1 John 1:9 At Spring Harvest 2014 I was struck by something the speaker (Ness Wilson) said in the context of the above verse at the main Bible reading. She said that at […]

Another activity that’s good for youth group, but also cell group meetings, is the progressive psalm. It requires no significant extra preparation, but is a nice act of corporate worship. It’s a bit like the game “Consequences“, except that a poem of worship to God is built, instead of a silly story. As with everything […]

Journalling is, I think, one of the more misunderstood spiritual disciplines. There’s a sense that you have to be super spiritual to keep one, or write 5 sides of A4 a day. Certainly if you were to read the journals of spiritual “heavyweights”, it could be quite a daunting and demoralising experience. It doesn’t need […]

Some years ago, I read a book called “Contemplative Youth Ministry”, by Mark Yaconelli. This was while I was a youth group leader, and it is a book that has changed my life and my spirituality. I mentioned it already in the context of Lectio Divino. It’s a book about understanding God’s role, and our […]

I’ve decided to give up (reading) Twitter for Lent this year. I had originally couched this in terms of social media, but actually I can’t give up e-mail at work, and I hardly ever go on Facebook, so Twitter it is. That said, I’m not going to start browsing Facebook just because I’m off Twitter!!! […]

When I was a bit younger, there was a sort of craze in Christian circles for wearing rubber bracelets with the initials “WWJD”  – or “What Would Jesus Do”. The idea was, I think, to provide a tangible challenge to yourself about your behaviour and decisions. When one found oneself in various situations, when question […]

Ash Wednesday seems to have come around quickly this time! I toyed with the idea of giving up social media, but e-mail, Twitter and Facebook are the way I keep in touch with several of my friends, so it would be a bit like giving up on those relationships for 6 weeks. I’m aware this […]

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read is Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus with Young People (link is to Amazon). In fact, I think it should be compulsary reading for all Christians! While heavily focussed on Youth Ministry (dur!), it’s actually packed full of important principles to do with slowing […]