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I’ve been really struck by Playing for Change. Obviously I love the music, and the use of technology is extraordinary. As a complete distraction, it slightly reminds me of Dan Rider’s awesome Dr Who theme on YouTube. Anyway, back to the point – here’s a song that’s been recorded over 4 years (or something) and […]

I’m very excited, because we just started running the “Growing Leaders” course at Church. We were going to start it at the end of last year, but the arrival of a baby in the Handley household rather put those plans on ice! As it is, I feel on the back foot a bit.. The first […]

One of the aspects of being a Christian that I find tricky is remembering it. I don’t mean in the big sense, but in the everyday hustle and bustle of working life. I sometimes find that I’ve gone the whole day without any particular reference to God. Other days I’m very “tuned in”, and keep […]

Ash Wednesday rolls around once more. I’m sure it’s quicker each year! Each Lent I try and be a bit creative about giving something up. Without intending to be pompous, I think that self-denial is an important discipline, and Lent gives us a little opportunity each year to practise. I generally fail miserably in my […]

I almost had my poorest Lent performance ever last night (Ash Wednesday). We were having slightly-late pancakes, and one of the youth had brought Nutella (YUM!!), so I carefully covered my pancake with Nutella and squirty cream, rolled it up, and was about to tuck in when I remembered that chocolate is my Lent this […]

So, away at a conference in Edinburgh. I decided to go the cinema, so went to the Vue cinema here, to see Constantine. Full review of the film in the appropriate place, but it did bring some thoughts to mind. First of all, the cross or crucifix is fairly universal counter-attack against evil, and particularly […]

Right, this’ll be my last entry for a while! As you know, Lent starts on Wednesday, and this year I’ve decided to give up the World Wide Web, which I reckon extends to me writing Letters from Leeds. I’ve tried out various things over the years – chocolate, tea and coffee; you know the score […]