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Wed May 30 2001

What a nice weekend. My mum and step-dad came to stay, plus I had Monday and Tuesday off, watched a grand prix, and got to play loads of Tomb Raider IV. Lots of new words too: stripling \STRIP-ling\: A youth in the state of adolescence, or just passing from boyhood to manhood. inveterate \in-VEH-tuh-rut\: Firmly […]

Thu May 24 2001

H’mm – two tricky Enigma’s on the trot -both a bits too mathsy for my liking. I did get 1130 right tho. 🙂 New Word: victoria \vik-TOUR-ee-ah\ A low, light four-wheeled carriage for two with a folding top and an elevated driver’s seat in front.

Wed May 23 2001

New(ish) Word: propitiate \pro-PISH-ee-ayt\ To render favorably inclined; to appease.

Mon May 21 2001

Hah – got Enigma 1129 (Minimal Change) right. Also Monaco GP this weekend. Qual 11.30 – 13.15 Saturday, race 12.30-15.20 Sunday, on ITV. New Word: bibelot \BEE-buh-loh\ A small decorative object without practical utility; a trinket.

Fri May 11 2001

Fun enigma this week (1134 Luck be a lady) – took about 20 minutes. I sadly got 1128 (Daffodils) wrong, which I thought I might. I reckon I might have got 1129 wrong as well. New word: marplot \MAHR-plaht\: one who frustrates or ruins a plan or undertaking by meddling.

Wed May 09 2001

Don’t forget – Austrian Grand Prix this weekend. Qualifying 11.55-13.10 on Saturday, race 12.30-15.10 on Sunday (on ITV).

Tue May 08 2001

Good enigma this week, most enjoyable. Spent the long weekend sanding and painting – tiring, but satisfying. Will be well worth it when the windows and doors are all looking nice. Also got a couple of new words: longueur \long-GUR\: A dull and tedious passage or section (of a book), and apotheosis \uh-pah-thee-OH-sis\: Elevation to […]

Fri May 04 2001

Got Enigma 1127 (Lights Out) right. (phew) This week’s is good – my favourite type (haven’t done it yet!)

Tue May 01 2001

Tricky enigma (1132: Phone Back) – took blooming ages, but quite satisfying. Also found out yesterday that I’ve had a paper accepted for a conference!

Fri Apr 27 2001

YES! Broke my Enigma losing streak. I got #1126 (Enigmatic dice) right – although I did solve it using a computer program. Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. ITV coverage is Sat 11.30-13.15 for qualifying, and 12.10 – 15.15 on Sunday for the race itself. My sister and her husband are also coming to stay this […]