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Tue Apr 24 2001

NO WAY – four Enigmas wrong on the trot! (found my mistake in one of the ones I got wrong tho). Not very confident about this weeks either (1131) Gonna stick my neck out – I’m sure I’ve got 1126, 1127, and 1130 right. I’m fairly confident about 1128 and 1129. Let’s see… <g>

Thu Apr 19 2001

New word: abstruse \ab-stroos\: Difficult to comprehend or understand.

Wed Apr 18 2001

New word: pulchritude \PUL-kruh-tyood\: That quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness. “” anyone?

Sun Apr 15 2001

New Word: flaneur \flah-NUR\: one who strolls about aimlessly; a lounger ; a loafer (Sounds like me doing my PhD.)

Fri Apr 13 2001

ARRGGHH – Three enigmas wrong in a row! Choc finar.

Tue Apr 10 2001

San Marino Grand Prix this weekend. Qualifying 11.30-13.15, race 12.15-15.15.

Mon Apr 09 2001

Got another enigma wrong – that’s two weeks running now! My comment for that one was very easy enigma – 15 mins on the train. This weeks seemed to be fairly straighforward, but I’ve lost my confidence now!!! Also had an IC Radio meetup on Saturday, which was great – ’twas good to see everyone […]

Fri Mar 30 2001

Got an enigma wrong (1122: Chapter and verse) 🙁 Lost my working too, so I can’t trace my mistake. Ah well. This week’s was a bit tedious (did it with the aid of a calculator). On the plus side, I’ve jigged around these pages a bit though, and registered an internet domain ( 🙂

Thu Mar 29 2001

New Word: immure \ih-MYOOR\. To enclose within walls, prison, to entomb.

Wed Mar 28 2001

Well, Fridays Enigma again was solved using a computer program (but a very nice one – I enjoyed writing it!). Hope do one on paper soon. I’ve also rehashed my reviews section, and put up some book reviews – check it out!