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Two new words: distrait (“dih-stray”): withdrawn in attention, or distracted. hortative (“HOR-tut-tihv”): giving exhortation, or advisory. I get words in a daily mailout from Merriam-Webster. They have word games too!

Thu Feb 08 2001

‘peasy enigma this week – 50 mins to do, of which 35 were looking at it from every possible angle because it can’t be that easy (either it is, or I’ve got it wrong.) Might just be easy compared to last week’s tho.

Tue Feb 06 2001

New word – “chthonic” (THAH-nik). Means of or relating to the underworld. This week’s Enigma is also a bit tricky – took me 2 Hrs+ (with a calculator!)

Fri Feb 02 2001

I won an Enigma!(1113: TEN+TEN=TWENTY) I actually found out last Saturday, but waited to see it in print in case someone was playing a cruel joke… 🙂

Wed Jan 31 2001

Got my auto site builder program running – any updates are now automatically propogated through the pages, and ‘date updated’ on my main homepage is set. Will post the source & executable soon.

Tue Jan 30 2001

Apologies for the lack of service yesterday – I accidently deleted this file!

Fri Jan 26 2001

Finished this weeks N.S. Enigma in 60 mins – 10 getting it to eight possibilites, and 50 working out which were &%#!&* prime 🙂

Thu Jan 25 2001

Added a new background to these pages – d’ya like? Also decided to keep a mini-diary on here.