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Fri Dec 27 2002

I was pleasantly surprised by this film – watched it at my mum’s over Christmas, and was expecting to be a bit bored. But actually it’s a very funny engaging film.. even Hugh Grant is quite acceptable in it. Well worth renting out of an evening if you fancy a film.

Wed Dec 25 2002

Superb film – go see! Superb DVD – go buy!This film has everything; humour, a good plot, gross jokes (to keep the little ‘uns happy), adult subtext, the usual emotional rollercoaster. Got it out the other day for another viewing, and holds up wonderfully. Seriously – go buy!

Sun Dec 01 2002

Another Bond film. Again I went into this film with high expectations, and came out mildly disappointed. Oh, all the elements were there, and the stunts and action were all very good. I warm greatly to Brosnan’s Bond, and yet he’s also starting to irritate me as Bond. He lacks the flamboyance of Moore and […]

I just love the whole Harry Potter thing (book 5 has been pre-ordered already), and this film was again everything I hoped it would be in many ways. I’m grieved by the continued underplaying of Snape – he simply doesn’t come across as hating Harry’s guts! Lucius Malfoy is absolutely perfect – as others have […]

Fri Nov 08 2002

Just started a new diet, in an attempt to be able to fit into my clothes once more! I’m measuring progress using my weight, and also my fat index (there’s a machine here which can apparantly work it out). So, the starting stats are: Height: 178cm (5’10”) Weight: 80.8 kg (12st 10lb) Fat Index: 21.6% […]

Wed Nov 06 2002

Another very nice film – no great action, just great acting and human interaction. The basic premise is that a wash-out film director comes across some software that enable him to create an virtual actress (Simulation One), who is drop dead gorgeous and everybody immediately loves. Of course it all spirals out of control, and […]

You have GOT to see this film – the funniest sweetest film of 2002 by a long way! A laugh-out-loud comedy, which retains it’s subtely and empathy throughout.. You really care about the girl, and really understand what she’s going through without it settling into either sentimental rubbish or desperate cringing (although there are cringeful […]

Tue Oct 22 2002

Just a quickie to mention the films I caught on my recent trip to the states. Will do reviews when I have half a second (it’s a mad time for me right now), but at least if they’re listed I might be around to it one day! So, in full and in no particular order: […]

Tue Oct 01 2002

Yes- managed 15 mins @ 10kph. Also went to the theatre on Thursday – saw Up on the Roof – and am going to the cinema tonight to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This is a really fun play/musical about 6 college friends who form an impromtu barber-shop type vocal group on the roof of their student digs. There is a plot, of sorts, about their relationships and life choices, but the main appeal is the songs. Heavily based on Motown numbers, and just fantastic singing (but I’m […]