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Sat Dec 31 2005

Well, in the event it was a much better year for me personally than last year, although of course a year marred by ongoing terrorist and insurgent activity, and four massive natural disasters. It’s hard to know how to sum up 2005. A year of jolly hard work, to be sure, and plenty of work […]

Thu Dec 29 2005

Eeek – just bought a new car. Well, that is it’s a new car for us.. ’tis actually 3 years old, but with only 10k on the clock. We didn’t particularly want to have to buy one yet, but our poor Punto is ailing, and the good lady needs a reliable car for work. This […]

Tue Dec 20 2005

Yum – went for sushi today, at Little Tokyo in town. I opted for the sashimi bento, which was a new experience on both counts. I must admit that raw fish (and jellyfish) has never been near the top of my “food I want to eat” list, but you’ve got to try these things. I […]

Sun Dec 18 2005

Funny how it goes – have a period of going weeks between entries, and then suddenly end up doing almost one a day for a bit. As I said yesterday, it’s been an exciting time – we were at Biscaya Bay in town last night, which was fab. I had a lovely duck main, and […]

Sat Dec 17 2005

Well, it’s that time of year. Actually not all my whirls have been social – I spent a good part of this week in Edinburgh with work, although that did involve two rather nice evenings out. I had hoped to catch GoF, but the timings at the cinema didn’t really fall that way. So last […]

I’m feeling very virtuous, because I am almost entirely ready for Christmas. Going to post the last batch of cards this afternoon (plus a couple of birthday presents), then buy the last couple of pressies on my way home. A. is out this evening, which means I should be able to get them all wrapped […]

Tue Dec 06 2005

Should probably explain Friday’s entry. 🙂 A. was out at a party with a whole bunch of church friends, and the Mick in question asked her what I was up to – would I be sitting in front of the computer? She said I would be, but that I would doing some work (which was […]

Fri Dec 02 2005

I gather my fanbase has increased by one. Welcome aboard, Mick. 🙂

Wed Nov 23 2005

So I’m hopefully having a day trip to Bristol early next year, and assuming I want to be there from 11 until 4, my options are: Methods and costs of travelling from Harrogate to Bristol Method Journey time(each way) Leave/Return Approx Cost(pounds) Drive Around 4 hours Leave: 07.00 Back: 20.00 40 Train 4 Hrs 40mins […]

There seem to be plenty of sites around and about on “How to blog”; talking about what a blog should and shouldn’t be, how to attract readers, and so on… Some go so far as to compare a blog to a newspaper – “You must post every day”! For me, this ‘blog’ has always been […]