Our much beloved Fiat Punto is sadly nearing the end of it’s life. Well, the end of it’s life with us anyway. It is most certainly entering that sad phase of car life when things start to go wrong, and it just gets more and more expensive to run. Can’t complain; we’ve had it for about 6 years now, and we got it second hand, and it’s to/from Cornwall on several occasions. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure it’s got several years service left in it, but I worry it’s going to start breaking down and becoming less reliable, which is no good for our needs.

The decision is aided by the fact that we find ourselves a little bit squeezed inside now we have a baby (and all the baby paraphenalia) to transport. And with every possibility of another baby at some yet-to-be-determined point in the future, perhaps the time has come to get a slightly bigger device? H’mm – perhaps I should be absolutely clear (you never know who might be reading): we’re not expecting a baby!

The missus needs to drive (and park) around town, so a monster people carrier would be impractical as well a waste of time and money, but at the same time buying a car that’s not large enough for potentially two sprogs plus luggage would be silly. Perhaps what I believe is classfied as a “small family car” might do the trick, i.e. Vauxhall Astra, Renault Megane – that kind of thing. Apparantly the Punto is a “super mini”, which I’m a little surprised at, but there you go! Of course the Megane adverts are good, with the Groovejet Armada song (Shaking that Ass!) – not that I’m influenced by advertising, you understand. Alternatively, we might be able to persaude the father-in-law to sell us his cheap. 🙂

In any case it’ll be second hand (the depreciation makes it not worth buying a new ‘un, I reckon), and we might be able to get a bob or two for the Punto.

Speaking of second hand things, Christmas might be coming a little early for James! My faithful Palm III is on it’s last legs (looks like the connection to the LCD is wonky), so I’ve had special dispensation for a toy budget advance to get my E2 instead. It also just so happens that someone at work is selling one second hand right now (and the two events are pure co-incidence, although I admit it might seem suspicious that an E2 comes up for sale just as my III dies…)

A workmate also inadvertantly let slip that he’d read some of these babblings when he turned to me and said “feral rabbit?”. Knew that would catch someone out (no more sightings, incidently). Told you you never know who might be reading…

Am wondering about adding the facility to comment. Pros are that it would be fun to do, and a nice feature to have. Cons are that it’s an extra administrative burden, making sure the comments are all ‘family friendly’. We’ll see – as for now, it’s time for bed.

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