There was an interview with Harrison Ford in the Metro this week, and one thing really jumped out at me. In response to the question “You also have a reputation for being a perfectionist. Is that justified?“, he replied:

I’d say so. I used to have this old Russian lady architect who built one of my houses. I came in one day after everything had been planned down to the gnat’s ass and said: ‘I’m sorry, but last night I had this idea and I want to do this.’ She said [does Russian accent]: ‘No limit for better.’ That’s what I think is important: keep working on it, keep pushing to do the best you can.

Isn’t that a wonderful phrase – no limit for better (I think it probably does have to be in a Russian accent for full impact!) Apart from being a commendable (and very Christian) attitude, it’s so pithy but forward looking. I had a friend when I worked in London who used to respond “Praise the Lord” to whatever life threw at her, good or bad, and somehow it’s a similar thing.

I think I shall try and say it at least once this week at work. 🙂