"Guitar addiction"

It’s coming back.

I never used to be able to see a guitar anywhere without starting to get itchy fingers – wanna play it, wanna play it!! I don’t know at what point it went away, but some point over the last 5 years my desire to play the guitar has waned.

To be sure when someone like KT Tunstall came along I had a minor relapse, but not the same craving I used to have. I think it was probably to do with having a baby, because (a) that left me too tired to do anything sensible, and (b) playing it would only wake him up, and the absolute cardinal number one rule of parenthood (early parenthood at least) is


One of the few times a blink is justified, I think. Actually maybe not, but I’ll leave it in for now*.

Anyway, we were away with out church last weekend, at Sneaton Castle, and the guy playing in our sessions had a gorgeous Taylor… and my fingers started itching!

He let me play it, so I had a luscious half an hour session of pure indulgence, just me and the Taylor. It was fab. And just this evening, it’s been another half an hour – maybe more – of hammering out power chords and worship songs and some of my own songs (had to blow the dust off those, must were written last millennium). Really really enjoyed.

Guitar playing James just might be back. 🙂

*Turns out <blink> isn’t standards compliant, so it’s come out. Probably for the best.

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