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Thu Sep 18 2008

I’ve been thinking about the associations I make between songs and people. Typically it goes from a song to a person – i.e. I hear a song and immediately a person comes to mind. I don’t mean the singer/band member (except for one or two cases), just ‘ordinary’ friends of mine. The reason it’s interesting […]

Mon Sep 08 2008

Came across this interesting experiment on the beeb website: BBC News embarks on a unique project telling the story of international trade by tracking a shipping container around the world for a year. The Box It caught my eye for all sorts of reasons: I was at college with Declan, who is fronting it (or […]

Mon Sep 08 2008

My son and heir is often coming out with very funny things. The ones he doesn’t intend are generally more amusing: God knows everything.… Just like Funky Monkey (Funky Monkey is a glove puppet, by the way). On another occasion, the three of us are snuggling up in bed on a Saturday morning, in companionable […]

Mon Sep 01 2008

I went karting on Friday, for a colleague’s leaving do. I have been before – once – at a Butlin’s or something, but to be honest that was a bit noddy. The carts where single engined, and the track was indoor, but what fun! It was absolutely fantastic, and I loved it. I wasn’t particularly […]

Tue Aug 19 2008

In the tradition of the best viral/memes/whatever the latest buzzword is for things your friends post and you post it too:

Just got back from a lovely trip to the border county. Well, one of the border counties anyway. Of England. Turns out that a week is nowhere near long enough to even scratch the surface, especially as we could easily have spent 5 days building sandcastles in a Canutine attempt to withstand the tide. I […]

Tue May 06 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – trailer Promise it’s not Rick Astley! Least it wasn’t when I watched it.

Wed Apr 30 2008

When I was growing up, we had a bit of family joke. Us youngsters would ask “what’s for supper?”, and be told that it was “wait and see pie”. This happened so often, that “wait and see” pie actually became a specific meal – a steak and veg pie with a suet crust. It is […]

Thu Mar 20 2008

Was struck by two fairly random quotes in the media yesterday. Good advertising creates a problem and its solution. and Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Certainty is the opposite of faith.

Fri Mar 14 2008

I know it’s still in beta, but Firefox 3 is looking really really nice. Really fast, funky drop-down preview/autocomplete thingy in the location bar, nice styling and look and feel. Lovely. Give it a whirl from Mozilla: PS It seems to co-exist fairly happily with FireFox 2 under Windows.